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  • Revivals and manifestations of the Holy Spirit

    The subject of the Holy Spirit and any manifestations of the Holy Spirit can cause confusion and divisions.Whenever problematic, spiritual situations arise we need to seek out what the Bible says. What is the filling of the Holy Spirit – it can be transforming but from the bible’s teaching it tells us that nothing is…

  • The festival of Pentecost lesson plan

    The day of Pentecost can be a difficult lesson plan to present to the children. This free Pentecost lesson plan looks at Acts 2 and needs no extra input from teachers – it is ready to use. Many Christians celebrate Pentecost Sunday and take comfort from the Holy Spirit. This teacher’s copy of the Festival…

    Disciples on the day of Pentecost. The festival of Pentecost lesson plan.
  • [3] Issues with the Holy Spirit – potentially

    Potential issues with the Holy Spirit. Don’t get impressed by ‘phenomena’. Fear of showing unbelief. Spiritual gifts ‘on tap’? Do not ‘claim’ gifts.

    Beautiful ripe fruit - red apples.
  • [2] How to guard against being deceived?

    Stop being deceived. Jesus said: ‘Watch out that no one deceives you.’ Subtle deceptions, signs and wonders, so look at the fruit, read the Bible…

    Peter Reason in the 1970's.
  • [7] Looking for and needing revival

    Why do so many people look down on anything old these days? When looking for revival it is Biblical to look back. But we are constantly told that everything is ‘improved’ and ‘new’. Why is that, because these things couldn’t have been perfect to start with! But God’s work is perfect. He can’t be improved, neither can His…

    George Whitefield preaching.
  • 6. Adolf Hitler’s warning from God not to start a war

    Adolf Hitler’s warning: It would appear that God did draw a line in the sand and Hitler made a conscious decision to proceed with his plans. The facts come from a documentary “The Nazis: A Warning From History – Hitler’s Path To War”…

    Snow covered mountains in Austria.
  • Toronto Blessing review: laughing shrieking shaking falling over

    Toronto Blessing or Catch the Fire review: laughing shrieking shaking falling over. A work of the Holy Spirit or a deception? A brief history and its fruit.

    People laid out or crawling on floor from Toronto Blessing.
  • Criticising the Holy Spirit. Test all things

    Seen any bizarre Christian behaviour but scared to question it for criticising the Holy Spirit? But we are told to question and test things for our spiritual safety.

    Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship sign.
  • Surrendering to the Holy Spirit and the Bible

    Bible-based or surrendering to the Holy Spirit. How to be led by the Spirit. 18th Century Revival preaching from the Bible with Spirit-filled preachers.

    An open Bible.
  • Signs and wonders

    What are signs and wonders? Jesus did them, and his followers did, but does that mean we should be doing that now in the twenty-first century?

    Paul preaching at Athens.
  • 1950’s Belgian Congo revival

    The Belgian Congo revival seems like a genuine move of God which bore good fruit. Suddenly we heard a hurricane storm, the building shook…

    The Belgian Congo jungle.