14th December 2011 Earith Storykeepers

It was a very long journey of about 100 miles.
I had the donkey to ride on but Joseph had to walk.
We had to go because of the census. Bethlehem was the town where Joseph was born and we went to be counted.
It was a bumpy road, but the little donkey didn’t give up…

23rd November 2011 Storykeepers

1940 and England is at war with Germany.
Well, we still need to earn our money and people still need fish to eat, so we had better carry on fishing.
Later we hear that everyone with a boat – however small – needs to report for duty.
We quickly learn that our troops are cornered in France at Dunkirk…

28th September 2011 Storykeepers

When ‘harvest’ is mentioned, people tend to think of combine harvesters and also that not many people are  involved in actually harvesting crops.
But in the old days most people within a village would have been working hard to bring in the crops.
Harvest doesn’t just mean the wheat crop but all sorts of things, including apples, nectarines…

11th July 2011 Storykeepers

At the Pondlife Party we had a strange collection of things, including a Moorhen, Frogs and a Bullrush!
After having a lot of fun with pond games we looked at the number of amazing things you get in an old pond…

27th January 2009 Storykeepers

We can have a fresh start in our lives, because look at Zaccheus in the Bible.
He was a greedy man whose life revolved around loving money.
Strange but true: even though he had great wealth he felt empty…