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  • Book for sale:

    Humorous drama scripts that retell the bible stories in an authentic and modern way, with the aim that the truth of the story is not lost.

  • Who can we trust? Wikipedia, education, TV, newspapers?

    We get bombarded with people’s opinions, good and bad advice. But who can we trust? Wikipedia, education, TV, they’ve got authority…

  • [1] An erratic and fickle God?

    Can you imagine what the world would be like if there was a fickle God, one who was erratic in his behaviour? What would a relationship be like with Him? Where would you stand with Him? The Bible contains many, many promises, but if God was changeable, these promises would become useless…

  • What errors are in the Bible? Scientific inaccuracies

    What errors are in the Bible, but many of these ‘inaccuracies’ can be explained. For example the smallest seed, stars falling, ant behaviour, solid sky…

  • Are Scientists always right, consistently infallible?

    Do we accept without question a ‘scientific’ view? Are Scientists always right? White lab coats can be in adverts to make the product more credible…

  • [6] Knowing God doesn’t always mean an easy life

    Knowing God doesn’t always mean an easy life and yet God has said; ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’

  • Christians behaving badly – selfish ambitions

    I felt very battered because of Christians behaving badly. God’s work in which we were involved in has been snuffed out! When you cut through the facade it boiled down to being trampled on by a Christian’s selfish ambitions. Why should the work of God be stopped by selfish ambition?

  • Does God put us in difficult situations to test us?

    Jesus’ disciples were in an extremely tough, violent storm, but God can allow difficult situations to test us. He wants our faith and trust in Him to grow…

  • How to break free – I want to be free!

    Have you noticed how some people express how free they are, and yet they dress all the same and are bound to an unwritten code of practice? Whether that is as a Hippie, a Rocker, or even living in Suburbia, most of us ‘conform’ and are bound by outside pressures…

  • [18] The Silent Key

    The Silent Key, someone who is no longer around: I once found a group of 10 year-olds at an exhibition of WW2 equipment, puzzled by a morse key and buzzer; all computer experts probably (unlike me). But I had to ‘show them how’ and rattled out a quick ‘CQ’ _._. … (General call)…

  • What should the Gospel message be?

    The Gospel message In the Bible is preached to different groups: a) Those with no Bible knowledge b) Those who know the Bible but aren’t saved

  • [7] Turbulent, out of control lives

    Noah had no sail or rudder, I wonder how he felt – powerless, not in control? Our lives are sometimes swept along by strong currents and storms and it seems to be totally out of our control! How strange to build a huge boat, without any form of propulsion, no sails, no oars, no engine, and even more strange, no way of steering it – no rudder!…

  • [8] The Day of the Lord is to be a separating day

    The end of the world is also called the Day of the Lord and it’s a separating day, one is taken the other left behind, what had they done wrong?

  • [12] Being consistent, no problem!

    Noah should have no problem with being consistent. He overcame many obstacles, had many victories and then suddenly he was caught off guard.

  • [9] Ready to meet God?

    50% of the church is NOT ready to meet God according to Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins! All ten thought they wanted to meet God. So we are not talking about those who are anti-Christian, or those outside of the church…