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Articles about the end of the world

[1] End of the world – A sobering thought

Railway lines disappearing into the distance.

Just prior to Jesus giving a detailed teaching on the end of the world, the religious Institution of that day refused to respect his authority. Wise move or not? This place was now forsaken, and to be utterly ruined. By Jesus walking away, it signified the departure of the Presence of God…

[2] Things that grab our attention and the disciples

A Roman house with columns.

Jesus’ disciples were feasting their eyes on the beautiful Temple. That may not grab our attention, but Jesus says: “Do you see all these THINGS? I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another…”
Notice, He describes them as just ‘things’!
How many things in the world grab our attention, and worse still, how many things steal our heart…

[3] What will be the signs of the end of the world?

A man wandering off looking nervously behind him.

The disciples asked Jesus a very similar question to what will the signs of the end of the world be. Jesus replied: ‘Watch out that no one deceives you…’ As a young Christian I was staggered that an article talking about Jesus Christ could actually be written in such a way as to deceive people…

[4] “Oh no, my life’s falling apart”

A world war 2 bomber and fighter.

How did the British people feel in 1939, when the Nazis started their onslaught? They had every right to say: “my life’s falling apart!” At times in our lives we may feel that the whole world is crashing down around us. How do we cope at such times? I can remember that sinking feeling when the Falklands crisis started. We had just become a nation at war. How was this all going to work out? I wondered whether other nations were going to be drawn into the conflict…

[5] Persecuted: Fighting against the current

Vultures circling round.

When we look at how Jesus describes the time leading up to the end of the world – with all the persecution it can all seem very scary! All that I considered as being stable, and dependable is being ripped away. All those things I hold as being fair, and noble, and honest, are just uprooted and destroyed. Where is true justice when I am handed over to be persecuted and put to death purely for being a Christian, and for doing good! Where is the fairness in being hated, just because I believe in Jesus? What happened to God′s help…

[6] The Abomination

A city on fire, a sand timer and the face of Jesus.

I believe we run into problems with prophetical verses, when we remove it from having a practical application.
For example, the way a lot of Christians view Revelation is that it is talking about way out there in the future, and so it becomes hypothetical.
But many Christians through history have received comfort from Revelation, by relating it to themselves in their afflictions, and their sufferings…

[7] What we are told about the actual end of the world

End of the world - a exploding planet.

From the Bible we can fit together various pieces to form part of a picture of the end of the world.
Before we dive into this we just need to understand how to interpret some things in the Bible…

[8] Trumpet call of God

Hebrew trumpet made from a ram's horn.

Trumpets were used for at least 6 different reasons in the Old Testament, and each one is relevant to the second coming of Christ:
[1] It is time to meet God for a very solemn occasion…
[2] It is time to meet together as a joyful community…
[3] It is time to go into battle…
[4] Trumpets in worship…
And more…

[9] The Day of the Lord is to be a separating day

A group of people - some will be taken, others not.

“two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.” Matthew 24:40
It was also a separating day when Noah and his family went into the Ark and got spared, but all the others were destroyed.
What hideous crimes were they doing to warrant such action?
Jesus tells us that they were eating, and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.
Surely these are everyday things?…

[10] Ready to meet God?

An old oil lamp burning.

50% of the church is NOT ready to meet God according to Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins! All ten thought they wanted to meet God.
So we are not talking about those who are anti-Christian, or those outside of the church…