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African safari stories

[9] Wallowing Hippopotamus

Nearly submerged Hippo

1962 Luangwa Valley Game Reserve. Hippopotamus live near the lodge where I spent the night. All day they laze and wallow in the pool. At night they graze on the fresh green grass around the lodge…

[10] A bad short cut down the Muse Escarpment!

Muse Escarpment: public use at own risk.

Well, this short cut includes the Muse Escarpment; descending 2000 feet in a mile and a half. Four years earlier, I made the trip as a passenger in the middle seat of a Land Rover, so I knew what was coming. Fortunately for Mohammed, he didn’t know…

[11] Souvenirs from East Africa: figures 1 to 3

A wooden Leopard stalking.

Souvenirs from East Africa, these wooden figures were collected mainly from Tanganyika – now Tanzania, during the early 1950’s. Most were bought at stations on the Central Railway Line…

[12] East African Colonialism out in the bush

Trees and dead grass in Nyasaland.

East African Colonialism; In Africa their simple tiny churches were much better attended than ours and, despite poverty and hardships, had a touching faith, humility and inner confidence.
Mission training was its basis. Throughout East Africa, every known Christian denomination had a station somewhere.
Priests and lay brothers – always known as ‘White Fathers’ – tore about the roads on motor bikes…

[13] Roan Antelope

Tall grass undergrowth

A Roan Antelope in the Southern Rhodesia Game Reserve, is shy and elusive – it’s a handsome beast…

[14] Souvenirs from Tanganyika: figures 4 to 6

Two Gazelles.

This group of carved 3 figures, souvenirs from Tanganyika, is also made from a lightweight softwood, initially ‘Tea Rose’ coloured – darkening with age…

[15] Comfort in solitude: uplift

Snow covered mountain

Comfort in solitude, the ultimate experience was a first ever encounter with a powerful thermal of rising air, flying a glider. Throw her over into a steep turn, concentrate on ‘look-out’, scan the instruments and see the ground sinking away below…

[16] On a Wing and a Prayer

Plane flying over the landing strip.

The planes engine’s song keys down, her nose dips, and the little township rises centre stage.
A touch to starboard and there’s the runway ahead, but something is wrong. On a Wing and a Prayer…