Not Many Wise

Author: Joe Lucas

  • [19] A sting in the tail – deadly scorpion

    Our first survival rule read NEVER PUT YOUR HAND INTO A HOLE. I forgot it, and knew what hit me before I saw it. A deadly scorpion! Burns, stings and high voltage shocks a-plenty; but nothing had equalled this, stunning rather than electrifying…

    A Scorpion with uplifted tail.
  • [20] Sundowners on African safari’s

    Even ‘On Safari’ you found a place to pull in off the ‘road’, brew up, eat and rest during that glorious hour, the ‘Sundowner’. Eyes free of blinding light and the dust settled; refreshed, you could press on in the cooler night air. This stop was essential to those of us who spent long hours alone at the wheel…

    Bush-veld - typical sub-tropical woodland
  • [21] A Dog’s Life in a hotel bar on an African safari

    A Dog’s Life, HE arrived with a whimper. Hungry? – A sausage roll made the tail wag. Thirsty? -a bowl of water raised a cocked head of doggy amazement, and no wag. Then someone gave him a half of India Pale Ale. Instant wagging and immediate consumption…

    Heinz the dog sees another guest come to the bar.
  • Stargazing tips – The Pole Star and The Plough

    In years gone by, stars were the only means of pathfinding at night; no hobby – a necessity. Stargazing tips: The most useful star in the Northern Hemisphere is No.8 on the diagram, Polaris – the Pole Star; always at the same position in the sky, exactly North and constant. It is not a bright star but easily found…

    A diagram of The Plough constellation pointing to the Pole Star.
  • [22] Processionary caterpillars on African Safari

    Five thousand feet up English roses grow as well as Paw Paw fruits, but t’was the huge wooden pillar, remains of some giant pergola, that caught my attention. What’s that dark line on it? Old creeper stem? No, it’s moving! Too thin for a snake – and snakes are not hairy anyway…

    Processionary caterpillars following each other
  • [23] African Souvenirs: figures 9 to 11

    The first of my African Souvenirs are two sets of figures, made from an ebony like wood, probably finished with boot polish…

    A pair of soapstone bookends - each of a man's head