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Facts behind the bible stories

The Star of Bethlehem

The Bethlehem star, a star of Wonder

There is a lot of star and planet information for that period in history, could any of it be the Star of Bethlehem? Could it have been a conglomeration of planets that lead the Magi (Wise Men) to Bethlehem? 7 BC late May: First of 3 conjunctions (coming together) of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Pisces (occurs only once every approximately 900 years other two in September and December)…

Is the Bible unscientific? View of the earth

Earth from space.

Many would say that the Bible unscientific. What’s the Bible’s view of the earth? Space flight gives better insight into early verse in Genesis. During the creation in Genesis it tells us that God separated the light from the darkness. That is an interesting phrase because it implies that light and darkness, day and night are both present at the same time on the surface of the earth…

Does Genesis fail scientific study? Day 1 Part 1

A planet showing light and dark on it's surface.

Let’s take a look at the sequence of events in the Biblical account of the creation of the world and ask “Does Genesis fail scientific study?” Is there is any science behind it. God made the earth, firstly without any vegetation, or inhabitants. It was a sphere consisting of one huge ocean, presumably, spinning on its axis, in dark, empty space…

Scientific Genesis? Days 2 and 3 Part 2

Drawing of an astronaut's head.

Scientific Genesis? How does the Bible deal with the creation of the atmosphere and the appearance of the land. Before scientists told us all the facts about the earth’s atmosphere, we may never have realised how important this invisible stuff really is! We now know how hostile space is, therefore the earth’s atmosphere is incredibly important to our survival…

Is Genesis scientific? Day 4 Part 3

Drawing of the Sun.

Now we come to Day 4 of Creation in the Bible, so Is Genesis scientific? But we come to the most illogical verses – for the human brain. God NOW saw it fit to mention the Sun, moon, planets, and stars AFTER light had appeared on day 1 of Creation! But everyone knows that the Sun provides us with energy, heat and light. Even the most uncivilised and backward tribes know that the Sun provides us with heat and light… 

Genesis and science Day 5 and 6 Part 4

A Camel designed and created by God.

When we look at Genesis and science does it stand up? There is a very important phrase that is repeated 10 times throughout the Creation account, and that is “according to their kinds”.
Plants, trees, water creatures, birds, land creatures, animals, livestock, everything was “according to their kinds” (according to their species).
God designed and made…

Could early man write?

Huge flames from a bonfire.

The oldest surviving inscriptions are from 3300 – 3100 BC. But what about before that date? Could early man write? We are told by ‘popular history’ that mankind spent thousands of years passing on historical stories by word of mouth and by implication would include exaggeration and legend, but…

How big was Noah’s Ark with facts and figures

A 14000 ton tanker.

How big was Noah’s Ark, well the length and beam of Noah′s ark make it very sea-worthy and compares with that of a 14000 ton Tanker. It had the correct proportions, unlike the ark in the Babylonian flood story. The eight images below are shown to the same scale: Titanic, the Mayflower, Cutty Sark…