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Jesus Christ from Nazareth

A man who left an incredible legacy, one whose supposed birth year became the dating system for most of the world.
At the time of his death his followers deserted him and yet there have been millions through history that have based their lives on him and his teachings.
A man who claimed to be God's Son and who was raised from the dead.
Here are some articles which hopefully shed more light upon this amazing person:

[1] Evidence of Jesus Christ – Non-Christian

Portrait of Jesus Christ historical figure.

Jeremy Bowen, BBC′s former Middle East correspondent, said about evidence of Jesus:- “I thought you couldn’t corroborate anything that was in the Gospels .. To start with I didn’t know there was a historical character called Jesus – I thought that you had to believe in Jesus the same way as you have to believe in God.
I discovered that in fact there is a lot of historical corroboration for the existence of this man…

Gospels written too long after Jesus?

Donald Campbell's Bluebird

Were the Gospels written too long after Jesus? There have been several people who have said that the time between Jesus′ death and resurrection, and when the New Testament was written is a long time. But Donald Campbell’s story is a contemporary illustration: Donald Campbell is known for breaking world speed records, from 1955. Then in 1967 he died. So at the time of writing this article, it has been 37 years since his death. What would happen if someone said that Donald Campbell was just a myth…

[3] How reliable are sources in history?

A fragment of a manuscript.

how reliable are sources in history, ancient documents like: Caesar′s manuscripts on the Gallic War, Gospels in the Bible, New Testament, Thucydides′ History of Peloponnesian War, Tacitus Histories?
Let′s see the evidence for these writings, compared with the four Gospels…

Jews and Jesus – Judaism’s perspective

The flag of Israel

Jews and Jesus, what does the Jewish community think of Jesus?
They haven′t got a vested interest in Jesus because they see Him as forming a different religion to their own.
We look at what four Rabbis have written about Jesus…

When were the Gospels written?

An old scroll.

When were the Gospels written and how can we find out when they and other New Testament documents were made? See a time line from about A.D. 30 (Jesus′ death and resurrection) to A.D. 110. From the earliest letters to Polycarp…

War between humans and God?

God's hand over a crowd of people.

When you read the first few chapters of Genesis it looks like a battle zone – war between humans and God! 1) Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden… 2) Later, God flooded the world due to the wickedness in it… 3) And later again, God rained fire down upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Is God really at war with mankind?…

Jesus the Prophet Part 1 Wild prophet?

A wild looking prophet like John the Baptist.

‘Jesus the Prophet’ – is this an image we have of Jesus?
The word ‘prophet’ can create a picture in our mind, of a rugged man, dressed in rough clothes, and shouting out warnings from God.
Jesus did not really fit that picture.
But, it is interesting to see that the people of that time, saw Jesus as a prophet…

The prophet Jesus is greater than Moses Part 2

Ball and chain.

Jesus is greater than Moses so let′s look at some of the similarities in respect of:
being a law giver, leading out of slavery, creating new worship…