Christian hymns and songs. RE resources

1. Teacher’s background information.

In the very early church, they sang Psalms (found in the Bible).
Monks chanted prayers which consisted of melodic repetitive sounds.
Hymns developed, firstly led by secular, travelling musicians which would be haphazard.

Then church organs came in which gave more control over the singing.
More recently, many churches have a musical group often consisting of an electrical keyboard, guitars, drums, etc.

The children will learn about different types of songs and what they mean.

2. Lesson plans and resources for Christian hymns and songs

Hymns, prayers and creeds lesson plan

Christian hymns and songs worksheet

How Christians Worship (opens in a new tab) is a PowerPoint presentation viewable and downloadable for teachers who can use electronic equipment in the classroom.

What is Christian Worship lesson plan

What is Christian Worship Worksheet 1

What is Christian Worship Worksheet 2

3. Four free children’s worship songs.

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[1] ‘For Your Glory’ by the Compass Bible Church.

[2] ‘Great Big God’ by Kids Vids.

[3] ‘We Want to See Jesus Lifted High’ by Shawn Pine.

[4] ‘On We Go’ by the Compass Bible Church.

4. How to fulfil the locally agreed syllabus for ‘Christian hymns and songs’

Hopefully, you will be able to match your local agreed syllabus with what is here which satisfies eight councils:

These lesson plans are based on the Progression Documents of The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’ Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Rutland County Councils. This is in the light blue text.
The green text is from other Councils: Lewisham Borough, West Sussex, Hull and East Riding.
Here are the main aims of the lesson plan:

Read/listen to / sing some favourite Christian hymns and songs to discover what they tell us about Christian beliefs.

Key vocabulary: Advent, Christ, Christmas, Creation, Easter, Faith, God, Gospel, Grace, Harvest, Holy, Holy Spirit, Hymn, Incarnation, Jesus, Pentecost, Psalm, Resurrection, Salvation, Sin, Soul, Worship.