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  • Personal faith and spirituality – Bible truths revealed

    We may wonder what God is like and how does the Bible describe Him? In this vast universe, can God know us and is it possible to have personal faith in Him, can we get to know Him?If heaven is real, how do we get in and what is a Christian? The Bible tells us…

  • Advent worksheet

    Print page 2 only to get just the worksheet. This goes with: Christian festival of Advent lesson planAlso see: Christian festival of Advent. RE resources This Advent worksheet contains:

  • Christian festival of Advent. RE resources

    The word Advent means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’.The Festival of Advent celebrates two things, firstly the time when Jesus came from heaven and was born as a baby.Secondly, Christians believe that Advent looks forward to when Jesus will return to the Earth. 1. Teacher’s background information. Advent celebrates Jesus’s coming to this Earth as a man…

  • Christian festival of Advent lesson plan

    Here is a complete lesson plan on Advent with a worksheet that requires the minimum of planning. The children will learn about Advent, the Christian festival leading up to Christmas. Ready-made lesson on Advent – no researching for the answers! This teacher’s copy of the Christian Festival of Advent lesson plan is printer-friendly. 1. Resources…

    One candle with a star. Christian festival of Advent lesson plan
  • [1] Does God turn away from us?

    Just prior to Jesus giving a detailed teaching on the end of the world, the religious Institution of that day refused to respect his authority. Wise move or not? This place was now forsaken, and to be utterly ruined. By Jesus walking away, it signified the departure of the Presence of God…

    Large stones from the Temple knocked down by Roman battering rams.
  • [2] How to guard against being deceived?

    Stop being deceived. Jesus said: ‘Watch out that no one deceives you.’ Subtle deceptions, signs and wonders, so look at the fruit, read the Bible…

    Peter Reason in the 1970's.
  • [3] How to remain steadfast when the world turns bad

    How did the British people feel in 1939, when the Nazis started their onslaught? They had every right to say: “my life’s falling apart!” At times in our lives we may feel that the whole world is crashing down around us. How do we cope at such times? I can remember that sinking feeling when…

    Parked Spitfire on an aerodrome.
  • [5] The abomination of desolation and interpreting prophecy

    I believe we run into problems with prophetical verses, when we remove it from having a practical application. Are we prepared – many Christians through history have received comfort from Revelation, by relating it to themselves in their afflictions, and their sufferings…

    Drawing of the head of Antiochus IV Epiphanes. The abomination of desolation and interpreting prophecy.
  • [6] End of the World according to the Bible

    The Bible describes the end of the world. We need to understand how to interpret prophesy. Fire and heat, darkness and Jesus coming in authority

    Lava and flames - end of the world.
  • [7] The trumpet call of God – revealing Bible explanation

    Trumpets were used for 7 different reasons in the Old Testament and each one is relevant to the second coming of Christ: 1. Meet God 2. For battle…

    Three stone statues blowing gold trumpets. The trumpet call of God - revealing Bible explanation.
  • [8] The Day of the Lord is to be a separating day

    The end of the world is also called the Day of the Lord and it’s a separating day, one is taken the other left behind, what had they done wrong?

    A group of people - some will be taken, others not.
  • [9] Ready to meet God? The Ten Virgins.

    50% of the church is NOT ready to meet God according to Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins! All ten thought they wanted to meet God. So we are not talking about those who are anti-Christian, or those outside of the church…

    An old oil lamp burning.