Articles about Creation and Evolution

Are Scientists infallible?

People are prone to accept without question a ‘scientific’ view, but are Scientists infallible? Some adverts on TV have people in white lab coats to make it more credible. What is worrying is that some, or perhaps many people, are willing to totally accept what is said. I am not saying that we become anti science…

Scientists who believe in the Genesis creation account

There are many scientists who believe Genesis to be factually true and who are Christian. On the TV, radio, magazines and papers we are regularly reminded – sometimes in very subtle ways – that science disproves Christianity, and that scientists are atheists. But this is not true. There are hundreds of scientists now, who do not believe in Darwin’s theory of Evolution…

How old are the stars?

How old are the stars, how old is the universe? Well, how old was Adam? The Bible tells us that God created Adam in this way: “… the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Adam’s apparent age was (say) 20 years only one second after he had been created…

Beginning of the world

When any of us start to build something we get the various bits – the building blocks, and then join them together.
But when we are talking about the beginning of the world there were no building blocks.
There was nothing.
When I say there was nothing. I mean there was nothing of tangible substance.
God was there and the Bible expresses it so profoundly and yet so simply:
In the beginning God …”

Changes within species only?

Darwin believed that small variations could add up to one species turning into a different species.
Although a widely accepted theory there are objections that still remain.
Dogs can be altered in many ways and the results range from the tiny Chihuahua to the huge Irish Wolfhound, but they are all still dogs, they have not changed into a different species…

Part 1 In the beginning – evolution?

We are regularly bombarded with the ‘facts’ of Evolution. How does that make us feel?
1) We totally accept the Evolution statements.
2) We accept what they say, but add ‘God’ into the areas of ‘chance’.
3) We accept what the Bible says about the creation of the world.
4) We just ignore the whole subject and steer away from Evolution and Creation…

Part 2 In the beginning – anything, but not God!

Does Evolution attempt to gag God?
Evolution states that the environment creates change.
By promoting evolution God is removed from the picture.
The world around us is no longer created by a Superior Being, but it is self contained, and self sufficient…