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How old are the stars, scientists who believe, science does not disprove Christianity, in the beginning anything but not God!

Scientists who believe in God and the Genesis creation account

There are many scientists who believe in God and the creation record in Genesis to be factually true and who are Christian.On the TV, radio, magazines and papers we are regularly reminded – sometimes in very subtle ways – that science disproves Christianity and that scientists are atheists.But this is not true. Before we look… Continue reading Scientists who believe in God and the Genesis creation account

Scientific laws and building blocks of life

Physicist Paul C. Davies wrote: ‘to be a scientist, you had to have faith that the universe is governed by dependable, immutable, absolute, universal, mathematical laws of an unspecified origin.
You’ve got to believe that these laws won’t fail, that we won’t wake up tomorrow to find heat flowing from cold to hot, or the speed of light changing by the hour.
Over the years I have often asked my physicist colleagues why…’

Part 1 In the beginning Big Bang or Creation?

We are regularly bombarded with the ‘facts’ of Evolution. How does that make us feel?
1) We totally accept the Evolution statements.
2) We accept what they say, but add ‘God’ into the areas of ‘chance’.
3) We accept what the Bible says about the creation of the world.
4) We just ignore the whole subject and steer away from Evolution and Creation…

Part 2 In the beginning – anything, but not God!

Does Evolution attempt to gag God? Anything, but not God. Evolution states that the environment creates change. By promoting evolution God is removed from the picture. The world around us is no longer created by a Superior Being, but it is self contained, and self sufficient…