Category: Understanding our lives

  • [1] An erratic and fickle God?

    Can you imagine what the world would be like if there was a fickle God, one who was erratic in his behaviour? What would a relationship be like with Him? Where would you stand with Him? The Bible contains many, many promises, but if God was changeable, these promises would become useless…

  • [2] Abuse of power and the corrupt being within

    Giants and mighty men: As far as political leaders go there isn’t enough room in the world for very many giants and mighty men with their abuse of power, but in our everyday lives we can come across many who have that mindset…

  • [3] Toil and tedium, drudgery and hard work

    Does toil and tedium sum up your life, it’s like a long, hard haul. Noah had to build the Ark for 100 years, that sounds like drudgery and hard work.

  • [4] Our hard work AND God’s miracles

    Does our hard work AND God’s miracles go together? Honest hard work is part of God’s plan for our lives. But God made the animals come to Noah!

  • [5] Hardships in life, does God discipline us?

    Does God allow hardships in life? Does He discipline people? What is the purpose for our life? Noah certainly wasn’t expecting a world wide flood!

  • [6] Knowing God doesn’t always mean an easy life

    Knowing God doesn’t always mean an easy life and yet God has said; ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’

  • [7] Turbulent, out of control lives

    Noah had no sail or rudder, I wonder how he felt – powerless, not in control? Our lives are sometimes swept along by strong currents and storms and it seems to be totally out of our control! How strange to build a huge boat, without any form of propulsion, no sails, no oars, no engine, and even more strange, no way of steering it – no rudder!…

  • [8] How and why to stop complaining

    Learn to stop complaining and be content with your life. No answer to: Why is this happening? You may be in the centre of God’s will and not understand why.

  • [9] No resting place – stranger in this world

    Is this world really not you? No resting place – stranger in this world? Then you may be like Noah’s dove and not a raven…

  • [10] It’s so hard to wait for stuff!

    It’s a now culture. It’s so hard to wait for stuff! Patience is ridiculed. ‘I get what I want’ impresses but is self-centred, no safety barriers.

  • [11] How to please God – a sweet smelling life

    Have you noticed the difference in how God is described before the Flood (grieved) and then after the Flood (pleased at the sweet fragrance)?

  • [12] Being consistent, no problem!

    Noah should have no problem with being consistent. He overcame many obstacles, had many victories and then suddenly he was caught off guard.