[12] Being consistent with God

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  1. Thank you very much for your message it has really encouraged me and made me realise that I need to have more faith. Since the email has been sent, I found out that someone on my course is a Christian. I found it very comforting because now I don’t feel so alone, however I do know that it will take time for my heart to heal but with God I don’t need to worry!

    Thanks again

  2. Hi
    Having suffered a divorce many years ago, I am able to look back and see how much of a maturing time it has been since then.
    The old hymn says: “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform….” and yes He is able to bring light into a dark situation.

    My advice would be to read the easier parts of the Bible – John’s gospel is encouraging and also full of Truth to strengthen weak faith.
    I don’t know what the church situation is like around you (I know going to a bad one can be a negative experience – but don’t give up, the Lord will have a Christian or a group lined up for you).
    Putting on good worship CD’s lift the spirit while doing things in the house. The main thing is to start ‘feeding’ on good positive spiritual things.
    I don’t know whether you have read much on this website but hopefully you have found articles to build your faith.
    Hope this helps
    from Peter

  3. My partner and i split up recently and i’m hurting. i was raised in the church and i strayed when i got with him. i want to know jesus again but i don’t know where 2 start. I know things happen 4 a reason and god has a plan but i just need guidance. Any advice?