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  • Church leadership problems – choosing authentic leaders

    Church leadership problems, a ministry without conversions should stop. No sense of responsibility, not sent by God who bring no-one to God.

  • [5] The Holy Spirit and living a godly life

    The old term for a godly life is sanctification. The filling of the Holy Spirit helps living a godly life, but it’s not ‘sanctification’ itself. Think Corinth

  • [4] Persecuted: Fighting against the current

    When we look at how Jesus describes the time leading up to the end of the world – with all the persecution it can all seem very scary! All that I considered as being stable, and dependable is being ripped away. All those things I hold as being fair, and noble, and honest, are just uprooted and destroyed. Where is true justice when I am handed over to be persecuted and put to death purely for being a Christian, and for doing good! Where is the fairness in being hated, just because I believe in Jesus? What happened to God′s help…

  • Be better at making decisions – deciding at the crossroads

    Not made good decisions? Be better at making decisions – consider conscience, take time and don’t be hasty, ask others who’ve been there…

  • Does God put us in difficult situations to test us?

    Jesus’ disciples were in an extremely tough, violent storm, but God can allow difficult situations to test us. He wants our faith and trust in Him to grow…

  • Can Christians divorce and remarry?

    Can Christians divorce and remarry? Think about Jesus, did he point the finger, no! What does the Bible actually say on divorce?

  • Temptation example: Resisting powerful urges

    Temptation example: Jesus had just started His public ministry when He came to a crossroad with four different choices. We too face the same crossroad. First turning: Satisfy your bodily needs! Second turning: Put on a show for the benefit of the Kingdom of God!…

  • [7] Looking for and needing revival

    Why do so many people look down on anything old these days? When looking for revival it is Biblical to look back. But we are constantly told that everything is ‘improved’ and ‘new’. Why is that, because these things couldn’t have been perfect to start with! But God’s work is perfect. He can’t be improved, neither can His works. We can be such an arrogant generation!…

  • [8] How and why to stop complaining

    Learn to stop complaining and be content with your life. No answer to: Why is this happening? You may be in the centre of God’s will and not understand why.

  • [4] A unity that divides. Some want to believe others don’t

    A unity that divides: some don’t follow Jesus’ teaching because they don’t want to, others don’t because they aren’t taught the Truth…

  • [9] No resting place – stranger in this world

    Is this world really not you? No resting place – stranger in this world? Then you may be like Noah’s dove and not a raven…

  • [6] End of the World Biblical meaning

    The Bible describes the end of the world. We need to understand how to interpret prophesy. Fire and heat, darkness and Jesus coming in authority

  • [10] It’s so hard to wait for stuff!

    It’s a now culture. It’s so hard to wait for stuff! Patience is ridiculed. ‘I get what I want’ impresses but is self-centred, no safety barriers.

  • Should a Minister of Religion wear a uniform?

    Some laugh at clergy vestments ‘Nice frock!’ Is it out of date? Should a Minister of Religion wear a uniform? What is the history of clergy vestments?