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[3] How reliable are sources in history?

Historical documents how reliable are they?

How reliable are sources in history like these ancient documents:

How reliable are sources in history? Here's a fragment of a manuscript.
How reliable are sources in history? Here’s a fragment of a manuscript.

Some people would question the historical validity of the four Gospels of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), but also the New Testament in general.

So would those same people question the validity of Caesar′s manuscripts on the Gallic War, or Thucydides′ History of Peloponnesian War?

Let′s see the evidence for these writings, compared with the four Gospels: (Appendix 1 at the bottom of the page details what the image is showing). [1]Chart 1 see Appendix 1 for full explanation.

As the chart shows, the time difference between the originals of the gospels, (and New Testament), and the oldest surviving documents is very favourable when compared with the other historical books – of which people do not doubt that they are reliable texts.

The Gospels and New Testament have an even stronger case of accuracy than these other historic books when you look at the volume of documents in existence. (Appendix 2 at the bottom of the page details what the image is showing).

Chart 1 see Appendix 2 for full explanation

So we can trust that the copies of the Gospels and the New Testament that we have today, are accurate with the originals that were written.

The Gospels were originally written by four men who were eye witnesses to the phenomenon that was going on. They wrote four separate accounts on Jesus′ life, death, and resurrection from the dead.

Appendix 1:

[1] Thucydides′ History of Peloponnesian War was:

[2] Caesar′s manuscripts on the Gallic War was:

[3] Tacitus Histories was:

[4] The 4 Gospels in the Bible were:

[5] The New Testament of the Bible was:

Appendix 2:

[1] Thucydides′ History of Peloponnesian War has:

[2] Caesar′s manuscripts on the Gallic War has:

  • 10 surviving documents in existence today

[3] Tacitus Histories has:

  • 2 surviving documents in existence today

[4] The 4 Gospels in the Bible has:

  • 100’s written before AD 1000 [4] of surviving documents in existence today

[5] The New Testament of the Bible has:

  • 5000 [5] surviving documents in existence today

For the next article see: [4] Jewish opinion of Jesus now


Key to numbers in both charts:- [1] The Case Against Christ: Some Statements for the Defence. John Young. Falcon, London. ISBN 0 85491 556 7
[2] John Rylands Library in Manchester.
[3] 2 copies of N.T. including Gospels; one in British Museum, & the other in Vatican Library.
[4] Information from Tyndale House in Cambridge, who specialise in Biblical Research.
[5] Professor Bruce of Manchester University; There are about 5000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament in whole or part. The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable? by F. F. Bruce IVP.

See the article on F F Bruce on Wikipedia (opens in a new window)

Peter Reason

December 2011

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