[4] 1936 to 1938 pre-war story

In my pre-war story, my mother and I often used to walk to the railway station at Woodford to meet my father off the train in the early evening.

1936 George, Winifred & Christine Whitehead.
1936 George, Winifred & Christine Whitehead.

I remember all the men (hardly any women) alighting on to the platform wearing their bowler or trilby hats, and carrying rolled up umbrellas and briefcases.

One evening, my Father returned home with two Japanese gentlemen, business associates presumably.
They were very polite, and kept on bowing to us.
They brought with them as a gift, the most enormous box of chocolates.
It was made of padded silk, and decorated with a blue satin ribbon.

Another memory of pre-war is of Stanley Bloom, his wife and two children, who had been missionaries out in China, obviously in a very rural area, as the children had never seen water coming out of taps before, and they kept on turning them on and off.

1936 Rev Haydon paddling in the sea with some children.
1936 Rev John Haydon paddling in the sea.
1937 Christine at Brighton Pier with a woolly hat.
1937 Christine at Brighton Pier with a woolly hat.

A trip to Brighton was taken in the winter of 1937.
Who took me I do not remember, but the photograph looks like one taken on the pier.

In 1938, my parents and I spent two weeks at a Guest House in Herne Bay, Kent. This was a real treat, as we travelled down and back in somebody’s car.
I wonder now, whether they had a feeling that life, as we had known it, was soon going to be changed forever. This was the only holiday we had on our own, as we usually went to Rye to stay with Aunt Rene.

I remember that during the first week at Herne Bay, I made friends with a boy of about the same age, and I really missed him when he and his family went back home on the middle Saturday.

Bob and Edna Brown with Christine 1939.
Bob and Edna Brown with Christine 1939.

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