[32] Earith School Concert 1912

Earith School Concert 1912 ‘The Doll’s House Party’ and ‘Sir Christus the Good’.

Earith School Concert 1912 programme.
Earith School Concert 1912 programme.

The Programme of Earith School Concert.

18th and 19th December 1912

Pianoforte Duet: ‘Merry Skaters’ Ida Searle and Nellie Warren.

Song: ‘The Kings Own’ B. Parren.

Play – ‘The Dolls House Party’:

Mistress Doll: Constance Thoday.

Little Dolls: Elsie King, Ethel Attwood, Doris Setchell, Willie Brown, Henry Draper and Edward Careless.

Housemaids: Kathleen Goodband and Olive Few.

Cook: Gladys James.

Page: George Harradine.

Guests: Margery Claxton and Eleanor Wilson.

Black Doll: Frank Casburn.

Dancing Dolls: Maggie Haddock, Kathleen Thoday, Daisy Moore, Muriel Thoday and Doris Kelly.

Young Lady Dolls: Lynda King, Mabel Newman and Violet Flavel.

Old Lady Dolls: Florrie Attwood, Iris Poole and Elsie Balls.

Pianoforte Solo: ‘March Militaire’ Gertie Hensman.

Song: ‘The Golden Vanity’ Clem. Thoday.

XMAS OPERATTA: ‘Sir Christus the Good’:

King: B. Parren.

Queen: Nellie Warren.

Sir Christus: Clem. Thoday.

Lady Christus: Ida Searle.

Lady Goodheart: Ida Holmes.

Chancellor: E. Butcher.

Messenger: W. Bedford.

Courtiers: Sir Just: R.Topper.
Sir Malice: H. Bradshaw.
Sir Self: W. Seamark.
Sir Greed: F. Warren.

Knights: Ronald Brown, Herbert Rawlings, Fred Semark and Willie Gray.

Queens maids and ladies: Elsie Bedford, Connie Bradshaw, G. Maile, E. Dring, W. Casburn, V. Allgood, Susie Munns, Ethel Bedford, Lily Holmes, G. Day, Edith Goode, Q. Poole and G. Setchell.

Santa Claus: W. Seamark.

Elves: Donald Parren, Eddie Peacock, Geo Barnes, Bert Bradshaw, Reg. Skeggs and Alf. Seamark.

Poor: W. Wilson, F. Harradine, W. Setchell, B. Murfitt and Rushbrooke Goode.

Jester: Q. Moore.

Accompanist: Gertie Hensman.

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