[3] What is our conscience – can we trust it?

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2 responses to “[3] What is our conscience – can we trust it?”

  1. Hi
    Dreams are OK, (obviously they can be from God or just from our own minds) but we mustn’t be carried away by them, because they need to be checked by what the Bible teaches us,
    hope that helps
    from Peter

  2. I heard that as Christians we are not meant to have dreams, but in a dream I did feel like someone was talking to me trying to tell me a message. I felt weird when I woke up .I do know that in the bible that some people had dreams or visions. God was telling them they’re part of his plan. Please help me. I told my friends and they said its a good thing and that I should be positive about it.

    What do you think about it?
    need advice

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