Robin Hood 23rd September 2010

Can we learn anything good from Robin Hood?

Green Robin Hood's hat with feather.

The Sheriff was up to his bad tricks again.
He was pushing people around and treating the people very badly.
The problem was that he was used to getting his own way and everyone had to obey, otherwise they would be punished or even killed.

Because the Sheriff had power over everyone, he even told certain people to be his friend – they couldn’t choose to be his friend.
He only made friends with people who would be useful to him – they had certain skills or talents that the Sheriff could use!

The statue of Robin Hood shooting an arrow.
The statue of Robin Hood shooting an arrow

Many people thought that Robin Hood’s group of followers were just ignorant people who couldn’t read or write, and they were generally useless, good for nothing and were not useful to anybody.
The Sheriff certainly wouldn’t have chosen any of them!

But Robin accepted all who came to him and that’s similar to Jesus accepting us – we need to go to Jesus with empty hands and say “Jesus please accept me”.

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