[7] A 1960’s Safari Guide and the Victoria Falls

African Safari Guide

Set the camera on a tripod and click delay photo …

Joe and guide close up.

1962 Luangwa Valley Game Reserve.

My visit, with the African Safari Guide, to this area was inspired by the book ‘Wildlife in an African Territory’ by F. Frazer-Darling (Oxford University Press 1960).

Having satisfied the manager I was self contained, with a suitably equipped four wheel drive vehicle I was allowed free access to all the area.

Here I had engaged one of the Park Rangers as a ‘guide’ to find some camera worthy animals.

Then, a pipe smoker, I tipped him with a tin of top class English tobacco – much appreciated!

Joe Lucas with a Park Ranger as a guide.
Joe Lucas with a Park Ranger as a guide.

The Victoria Falls

Small part of the Victoria Falls.
Small part of the Victoria Falls.

What is the local name for the falls?

Known to Africans as ‘The Smoke that Thunders’.

I saw the clouds from the spray and heard the ‘thunder’ 25 miles away!

Victoria Falls at a distance.
Victoria Falls at a distance.

In 1962, on leave from the Tanganyika Police Services, the writer made a grand tour of Central, Southern Africa, in a battered old Land Rover, a relic of the ill fated Tanganyikan Groundnuts Scheme of the early 1950’s.

These photos in this set were a ‘black and white’ interlude in a ‘colour slide’ era of photography, in the then Northern Rhodesia.

Victoria Falls In Zambia.
Victoria Falls In Zambia” by Marcpo [i]

HWJ. Lucas May 2011.

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